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Actualizaciones de la red LinkedIn, 29/04/2013

Actualizaciones de la red, 22 de abr - 29 de abr
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Guillermo Cámara está ahora en contacto con Delia Alemany y 18 personas más
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Michael J. Lyons
Michael J. Lyons TIME IS RUNNING OUT! REGISTER TODAY as a Hosted Buyer to attend AIBTM in Chicago - June 11-13. Air and hotel accommodations are complimentary to qualified applicants. If you register before May 17th you'll have a chance in a drawing to extend your stay in Chicago after AIBTM on us! 2 free hotel nights, dinner for 2 on 2 nights, and a Chicago City PASS which includes tickets to famous Chicago museums and attractions.
AMAR Association
AMAR Association
Hollywood's hot new target demo? Baby Boomers
T his is the group that still adheres to the ritual of seeing the latest releases on the big screen rather than streaming or renting. When it comes to movies, "adult" is no longer a dirty word. Instead, films that cater to...
Andy Parr
Andy Parr #Travel News: Visitors to Latin America up 50 per cent - Visitors to Latin America rose by nearly 50 per cent in the last decade, it was revealed last week.
Visitors to Latin America up 50 per cent - Telegraph
Visitors to Latin America up 50 per cent - Telegraph
Overseas visitors to Latin America have risen by nearly 50 per cent in the last decade.
Mike Hinshaw  "Nomadic Texan"
Mike Hinshaw "Nomadic Texan" One day my wall photo op will come!!!
Favorite Places: Beijing, China
“It may seem cliche, but standing on top of the Great Wall of China was one of the highlights of my life. I was completely awed by it, and still pinch myself that...
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