lunes, 12 de agosto de 2013

Where are you??

Big-big hello to you! :-)

My name is Millie and you do not know me. Yet :)
And I am sure it is a bitter disappointments that you don't and I am going to change that :)

Well, do not consider me bold or something I am simply bored. This summer is unbearable. All the plans I had went to the drain and I am at home with nothing specific to do.

It drives me crazy! I like other sorts of leisure and holidays. Of course I do not mean it is like 'party-hearty' 24/7 but not like sitting at home and watching TV as well!

I like seeing people and talking with them. If I like a guy I have nothing against having sex with him (well, I must confess that I like you very much)...

You can see my pics and read more about myself at

I will be delighted to see you online!

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