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SEP 20, 2013 | Vol 4

The most common disease in America is something you probably never heard of, but it affects 110 million Americans and is a major risk factor for diabetes, heart attacks, and even cancer.

It's called fatty liver, and it's caused by the 152 pounds of sugar and 146 pounds of flour in our diet.

Fatty liver creates a whole cascade of issues, including:

  • Inflammation
  • Insulin resistance
  • Pre-diabetes and diabetes
  • Abnormal cholesterol
  • High blood pressure
  • Heart attack
  • Cancer

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  • actual weightloss by trimming body fat %,

  • loseweight without diet or exercise,

  • be able to resist craving for unhealthy foods,

  • be energetic and confident,

  • get-a-slim and shapely figure.

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Wishing you health and happiness,
Mark Serrano, MD

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