lunes, 23 de septiembre de 2013

Date 24/09/2013.

Dear: Friends ,                                                                                Date 24/09/2013.
I'm Dr Raymond Chien Kuo Fung, An independent non-executive directors Hang Sen Song Bank in Hong Kong .

An Malaysia Iraqi engineers and your have same last name ,he made ​​a number $16,000.000.00 million dollar U.S. dollar deposits (sixteen U.S. dollars only) in my branch . Several notifications sent to him, even in war , seven years before the 2006. War another notification and then I sent, still no response from him . 

We later discovered that his family has been in the artillery attack war killed in their home in central Baghdad , his own oil wells . After further investigation also found that he did not declare any next of kin in his official documents, Please let me know if you are really interested . What to do next . If your name and phone number of the interested.

Back to my e-mail: Please always remember to give me a code e-mail: [ ID:NO: AM-002 ] This is entirely for security reasons .
Thank you.   
Dr Raymond Chien Kuo Fung.

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