jueves, 10 de diciembre de 2015



My name is Mr. Joseph Pessima; I work with the Capital investment company, I have before me list of funds, which could not be transferred to some nominated accounts as these accounts have been identified either as ghost accounts, unclaimed deposits and over-invoiced sum etc. I write to present you to the federal government that you are among the people expecting the funds to be transferred into their account, on this note; I wish to have a deal with you as regards to the unpaid certified contract funds. My aim of contacting you is to collaborate with me to transfer the sum of $18 million Dollar into your personal bank account in your country of origin for investment purposes.

I am going to invest this money in your country through your assistance and help, whereby you are going to be my Invest Manager. Please when replying I want you to tell me the type of investment that will be encourage for us to invest the fund so that we can talk about the conditions email me back and send your info to this email address for further details. (josephpessima44@yahoo.com )

1. You will give me 50% of the funds as soon as you confirm it in your designated bank account.
2. This deal must be kept secret forever, and all correspondence will be strictly by email / telephone, for security purposes.
3. There should be no third parties as most problems associated with your fund release are caused by your agents or representative.

Thanks and yours

Mr. Joseph Pessima

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